The Dangers of A Woman’s Truth Revealed

In a time when reality is confused by an over abundance of perceptions and perspectives via reality television and online access to editorial news and commentary, raw truth seems to be treated as a novelty. The human instinct to distinguish between truth and invented reality has manifested itself in an unrefined brute sexual reaction much like that akin to a person in nature.

Often, I am approached and hovered for being bluntly honest. I become this fascinating creature of novelty. Much like the ‘exotic flower’, it is in human nature to grab at it, own it, protect it, hide it. What happens next was a mystery until now. A conversation with many men (and sometimes women) ends with a request for a kiss or the taking of one.

This revealed a whole new question of truth: is a woman openly sharing her intimate and unfiltered thoughts a dangerous invocation of the brutishness of human nature?

For the natural inclination of man and woman to sexualize honesty points to a raw and dangerous side of humanity. If a woman is brutishly honest, does that provide license for anyone to be brutish in their responses? Are woman really in that much control? Are we the element to society that maintains expectations and norms?

I’ve never been admittedly a disciple of pop culture as it unfolds; I tend to be the vintage connoisseur; however, I am a devoted fan of Lana Del Rey. She embodies in her lyrics the truth locked within the tormented mind of many woman, especially of woman in my generation. Her conflicted self-portrayal embodies the struggle women have between their nature and the expectations of society that women remain the constant, leveling force.

Today, I read an insightful article about her music and realized this truth I found I shared with her lyrics is not merely novelty, but a palpable force of the reality of woman’s dominate strength in nature.

The article is posted here:

More to come. Comments welcome.


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