Having Ties to Russia Are Not the Issue; the Substantive Matters Surrounding Communications Are.  

Where there is smoke, their is fire.  In the case of Russian ties to any campaign, both campaigns discussed various issues with the Russians.  But who cares?  It is evident that the Clintons know more about political matters and the election process and has ample opportunity to engage Russia for assistance on various matters, including campaign finance; Trump did not.

The Russian Connection to Trump is a red herring.

Former Presidents Putin and Clinton Talk Russian Spy Arrests, Dan Farber, CBS News, Jun 29, 2010 5:32 PM EDT, http://www.cbsnews.com/news/former-presidents-putin-and-clinton-talk-russian-spy-arrests/

Russia, Suspected in Hacking, Has Uneasy History With Hillary Clinton, Mark Landler, July 28, 2016, NYTimes.com, https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/07/29/us/politics/russia-putin-clinton-emails-hacking.html

“Mr. Putin finally turned up for what was billed as a brief photo opportunity, only to lecture her in front of the reporters about how the United States needed to lift sanctions against American companies doing business in Iran. And when Mrs. Clinton started to defend the Obama administration’s policy, he promptly ordered the news media out of the room.

Mrs. Clinton laughed off the episode, telling reporters what has become an oft-repeated story about their relationship. “Prime Minister Putin,” she recalled asking him amid his harangue about trade policy, “tell me about what you’re doing to save the tigers in Siberia.”

Eyes brightening, Mr. Putin motioned her to his private office downstairs, where he showed her a map of Russia. Pointing to various regions, he delivered a fervent lecture about endangered tigers and polar bears. He asked her whether Bill Clinton would go on a bear-tagging expedition with him in Siberia. If Bill was not available, he said, maybe Hillary would go?””

***Reporters sent away, Hillary sudden shift to Putin for education on ‘Siberian Tigers’ (a summit she later no-showed).  ‘Siberian Tigers’ a Euphemism for what?  Incidentally, Siberian Tigers can be found in North Korea.***

Friends with Benefits: Russia and North Korea’s Twisted Tango; Russia And North Korea using each other…again, Doug Bandow, March 6, 2015, NationalInterest.org, http://nationalinterest.org/feature/friends-benefits-russia-north-koreas-twisted-tango-12369
“Moscow has a very different perspective. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared last fall that economic ties were “reaching a whole new level,” but that isn’t saying much. While the DPRK offers some economic possibilities, the latter’s poverty and unpredictability reduce its attractiveness as a market. Nor is resource-rich Russia looking for new mineral supplies. Ironically, Moscow’s chief economic interest in the North is as a transit route to South Korea. Already Russia is shipping some coal to the South via a cargo terminal in the DPRK. Among the projects being discussed are railroad, gas pipeline, and power transmission lines from Russia passing through North Korea to the ROK. In this way the Putin government is interested in north Korea, not North Korea.”