The Pledge for All Americans

As an American within the borders of these United States or within the borders of our protected borders of our territories or those of our allied nations, with an honest and wholehearted intent, you commit to honor and respect our laws as they stand until amended or revoked, to protect our citizens, to the best of your abilities, to protect the health and well-being of our citizens and yourself from all known and present dangers, imminent and perceivable, foreign and domestic, and to help maintain the peace and dignity of every man, woman, child and creature within our borders in a manner that allows you to face your creator with a full an honest heart and a head held high.  To this you solemnly swear.

It’s a tall order, but it is also the closest thing you’ll find to an honest goal that included Americans, existing citizens and those aspiring to be citizens.

Constitutions should be based on high, yet practical aspirations and goals we can achieve that provides for a broader understanding of what it means to be American, not to be limited to just “citizens,” but also residents awaiting citizenship status.  This is a pledge of allegiance for all people within our borders who wish to identify as Americans and who are citizens and wish to seek citizenship as Americans.  I’m beginning to understand the issue now, I hope.

My apologies, my fellow American, very frustrated, aspiring-to-be citizens.

#MAGA #PLEDGE #USA #Immigration

Published October 9, 2017 by M.E. Strayhorne 



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