The Obama Era:  Democracy Died in almost every Dark Shadow of the Obama White House.  The outrage?  Like Obama, hiding behind the protective skirts of female scapegoats and political correctness.

By Mary Strayhorne, LL.M.

Let’s face it, an attack on Obama is an attack on the African-American legacy and women–at least, that is how it appears.  And the American people have had enough, as the majority of the electorate and electoral college pronounced.

To all those who voted for Hillary–well, as she still has not learned in her golden years:  Life entitles us to nothing.

Lies, corruption, and sticking it the American people is a favorite pastime for Obama and the contemporary political institutions in general.  In this little post, I gather some news tidbits just in the Obama administration, for now.  Don’t fret, I’ll be calling out the others in time.

Thanks to an overwhelming fear by pretty much everyone to criticisize or offend the legacy of the first African-American President, here lie the remnants of the Obama administration, so quickly dismissed and forgotten in the wake of NFL kneeling.  

At first I thought the fear was to avoid appearing “racist”–now, I’m beginning to think it’s out of fear of being bullied and blacklisted by fascist thugs with masks and security clearances.  Time will tell.
The coup d’etat is underway and our generation has a front row seat until the realization provokes us to prosecute the offenders…let’s begin.

Obama Lies, Generally.  Outrage?  Meh…

Obama’s biggest whoppers | The Washington Post.

Obama’s second term: A timeline | TheHill.

Top 10 Obama Administration Scandals (VIDEOS) | The Federalist Papers.

Issa says Obama administration is ‘one of most corrupt’ | The Washington Post.

Obama Scapegoats Lois Lerner, laughs all the way through his second term; Lerner, though admittedly guilty for her involvement NOT prosecuted.  Outrage?  None.

IRS Targeting Scandal: Citizens United, Lois Lerner And The $20M Tax Saga That Won’t Go Away | Forbes.

IRS Officials Misled Congress, Public |

Obama Foreign Policy Kills Hundreds.  Outrage?  Nope, finger pointing, tries to fully-scapegoat Hillary.  She laughs it off, runs for President!  Outrage?  Anyone?  Nope!

Obama’s Embrace of Drone Strikes Will Be a Lasting Legacy |

Benghazi Blackout: How the Big Three Networks Have Censored or Spun Obama’s Deadly Foreign Policy Failure | Fox Nation.

Obama hides behind yet another woman’s skirt, Susan Rice–and she still has a security clearance!  Under Trump?  But, how could that be???

The Real Reason McMaster Let Susan Rice Keep Her Security Clearance | The Weekly Standard.

Samantha Power And Susan Rice: The Apparent Gruesome Twosome In The Unmasking Of Americans | Town Hall – Matt Vespa.

And, for good measure:

Clinton Scandals through the years

Clinton scandals through the years | CNN Politics.

Don’t believe everything you read, question everything you hear, cite your sources…the rest, is history and only time will tell.

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