Post-Trump Victory & Uncertainty: A Note to the Fearful Masses

To anyone who fears a Trump-fueled racist fallout, read this and allow it to guide your wisdom and strength in these uncertain times.
Being American is not about race, it is about nationality and how one identifies themselves.

We are all Americans.

We welcome you and your views. We also welcome the right of people to use the democratic process to choose a leader.

Though Trumps words were poorly chosen, we still have an opportunity to communicate to this leader that we will not stand for the mistreatment of any citizen or visitor to our country. Period.

That is what the democratic process is all about. Let us hope he does not try to kick anyone out, but instead protect us from those that we know will try to hurt us.

‘Us’ includes you as long as you are within our borders and pursue and/or act upon the opportunities to become a legal citizen or anyone who acts in good faith to assist our country achieve and maintain law and order.

‘We the people’ pertains to the legal citizens and legalized citizens of the United States of America.  The government and courts generally have the discretion to take the situations of applicants seeking asylum or legal citizenship on a case-by-case bases as provided by law.

These are the principles this country’s founders aspired to…let us fulfill it in our keen observation and steadfast dedication to maintaining cool heads in tough times and stand our ground against any leader that tries to exclude.

The struggle will never end. We have to keep a watchful eye and a ready sword.



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