Congress Rediscovers What It Feels Like to Earn an Hourly Wage? Tosh!

My latest brain child: a bill that forces Congress to justify NOT earning an hourly wage like most Americans.

How about we propose a bill that changes congressional pay from salary to hourly? No work, no pay.

This would mean no double dipping. No earning a salary for campaigning and fundraising. To allow this would be like me expecting my law firm to pay me, a paralegal, to canvass for myself during work hours….

After all, it’s a relevant and justifiable expense to them. I am campaigning to make law.

Congress, you are playing with fire. First it will be housing, then it will be food. We the people will soon be starving and, if the French Revolution taught you anything, that does not bode well for the fat cats.

Check this out:
New Bill Proposes Minimum Rents for Public Housing, Voucher, Project-based Section 8 Residents: National Low Income Housing Coalition


Flash card illustration accessed from (last accessed Sep 12, 2017)


The Strong Female Character: I Do Not Think That Means What Some People Think It Means



I recently started watching the new TV series Outlander, based on the popular books by Diana Gabaldon. I have never read the books. The series sounded like something I might enjoy, about a woman who time-travels to 18th Century Scotland.

After watching two episodes, I’m already done with it.

I see people raving about the show on Twitter and other social media. Like Charlie Brown, I don’t know how to argue with success. Something is resonating with many viewers, and I don’t mind that they are enjoying it.

But to me it’s a major disappointment. It made me think of how the term “strong female character” is so often misconstrued.

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The Irony of On-Stage Poetry Reading in a DC Hipster Joint

I would like very much to ascend a stage, dressed in a plain get up, phone in hand, slouched ever so intoxicatedly and read Dorothy Parker’s Résumé aloud, from my iPhone whilst smoking a cigar of the pequeno variety.

My performance wouldn’t be the poetry reading as much as it would be the lack thereof by the prohibition of smoking in a DC poets bar.

Would anyone be interested in such an experiment?